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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jellyfish Hat and Studded Collar

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Meow jammers!
Today's returning item is the underwater clothing, the Jellyfish Hat sold at the Bahari Bargains. 

Credit to the Animal Jam Times for the picture. 

Why again members? And PINK? Speaking of pink, some boys might not like it. I also hate pink. It's kind of to (or is it too?) much girlish. :P
Now, if you look at the Jellyfish carefully, you will spot that it doesn't have a nose or a mouth. XD
And this one's an un-shocky Jellyfish which looks really fluffy. Un-shocky? Lol. There's no such word as un-shocky, I made it myself and you might know, it means not shocky. XD
It looks like a candy to me. I feel like eating it all up. Jellyfishes should look something like jelly, not something fluffy like a pillow. XD

Two new items are released today. 
The second item is the Studded Collar at the Diamond Shop.

Credit to the Animal Jam Times for the picture. 

Don't you think it's a bit cartoonish? It kinda looks like the Spiked Collars, just a bit cartoonish. XD
The white thingies over there looks like diamonds? O.o
Once again, this item HAD to be for members and it's expensive. You know, 3 diamonds isn't very less still if you have 11. x3

Btw, I couldn't take a pic cause AJ won't load and it wouldn't even make the servers thingy come up. ):
Sad, I also missed the Daily Spin. What if I was about to get diamonds. Nuu. )':

We already have 4 followers and even more than 250 views. We were supposed to have a contest with good (not SO rare but normal rare :P) items when we get 10 followers and 250 views. Thank you people who followed the blog. Tell your buddies about the blog and tell them to follow it. :)
The contest is going to be a _____ contest. Now you might be confused what a ___ contest is. XD
I mean it's not selected yet by saying __. It depends on your votes. Vote the poll on the right top of the gadgets and let me know what kind of a contest you'd like to do, you may select multiple answers. Till now, we have 13 votes and most people have voted for Drawing Contest. Photo Contest  and Good Snap Shots contest are really near. (Good Snap Shots should be AJ snaps, not from some other web.) 

That's all for today. 
Good luck for the contest and making/saving diamonds.
Until then, play wild!


cloudclaws said...

AJ wont load!! >.<

cloudclaws said...

sorry i didn't notice earlier :P i added your blog by the way!
I like the studded collar! :D

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