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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whole New Update

Meow jammers!
There's a huge update today. Everything is good about the update but only one sad thing. 
The medical Center, which was here in the beta days has now returned! Yay! :D

Here are the new items for sale in the Medical Center.

Nice items though some are members. >.<

Why can't I get up the bed when I click it? Strange! x3

Now, the Phantom Portal are for non-members finally. There's a reason, it is because of AJ's 3rd birthday!
Yay! The Birthday Party has returned with the Bronze statues which were there last year too. I'm sorry I don' have a picture right now. As you might have read in the Jamaa Journal there is a new code "AJBDAY3".

Yay! Thanks AJ. And happy birthday to you. :)

Now the Phantom Portals which were for members is now for non-members! Huzzah! :o
It's quite same as the Return Of The Phantoms. Just a bit of differences.
Also, the base camp has a new shop. New types of Phantom Cages are sold in it which are quiet expensive.

And I guess some people didn't notice that now the Pets Only Party is for non-members if you take a hamster with you.

Thanks hamsters. Thanks AJ!

Did you notice any changes in the AJ homepage and the background of the game play?

I don't think it was like this before. Do you?
Also, all the new pages in the Jamaa Journal and the post at the Daily Explorer.

And the sad thing is, the Summer Carnival is gone. I hope you all picked up your favourite items.

That's all for today!
Good luck with the adventures and getting up on the Medical Center.
Until then, play wild!


Kinyonga said...

Sweetpanda, what do you want me to help with, with your blog, by the way? :)
And you'd need to make me an admin for me to help :3

Sweetpanda AJ said...

I can't be on at Fridays so you can do every Fridays posts. And I don't see any followers gadget in my blog. Do you? If it's not there so add it for me or else nobody can follow. >.<

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