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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phantom Cell

Meow jammers!
Today's new item is the phantom cell sold at the Adventure Base Camp Shop. Also, sorry for not posting the last 7 days. Tuesday and last Saturday's new items were the Phantom Lockbox and the Phantom Cage which are also sold at the Adventure Base Camp Shop.

Nuu. All 3 for members. DX

Wednesday, Sunday and Friday's new item was the Arm Brace, Stethoscope and the Doctor's bag sold at the Medical Center Shop.

Nuu, not again. Why all for members? DX 
And the Rare Item Monday was the cheap non-member Rare Police Hat.

Credit to the Animal Jam Times for the screenshot.
Aww. It was such a good item, I missed buying it. ):

Anyways, that's all for today.
Good luck having fun around Jamaa.
Until then, play wild!


cloudclaws said...

I just discovered this blog and its great!
I agree, everyone seems to like the police hat!
(i followed your blog, im the snow leopard)
Would you like to check my blog out?

politekoala said...

i think you should change the jewel and give a flower there. and keep some jewel too and change the blue color and give it a darker blue. sis still it looks nice. i think sis cloudclaws really liked your blog :D isnt it great i tried this face by my own.

PoliteKoala said...

hey i want to put a picture in the picture tag i want to give politekoalas picture or teddy which one shall i give? can you help me to put it.

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