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Monday, September 30, 2013

Rare Wavy Bookshelf

Meow jammers!
Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Wavy Bookshelf at the 4th page of the Jam Mart Furniture Shop. :)

Yaay! Another color of the Wavy Bookshelf has arrived! Green and purple mix. :)
I'm SOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPY that they are for non-members. YAAAAY!
I bought 4 of them. :P

Well, not so cheap. 750 gems. O:
So total costed me 750+750+750+750 = 3000 gems. .o.
Speaking of gems, you can earn A LOT from the adventures if you play the game with getting all the treasures. Here's a picture to help you find the treasure boxes in the Hard Version of The Return Of The Phantoms. ^.^

Treasures are marked in red.
Ahh. This picture is again blurry and not clear. And today I found out why this happened. o:
This snap is taken in GIF and the good and clear ones are taken on JPG or PNG. The bookshelf one is PNG and the map is GIF. JPG and PNG are almost same, but to me JPG is a bit better. :)

Also, I missed out reading the Daily Explorer. ):
There's was a new Jammer Snaps contest going on, and it ended. >.<

The topic says "Reminder". So, I guess it was announced before?

Today's post on the Daily Explorer.

Now, in the conversation museum there is always a donation for cats. Do you ever donate?

I donate 1000 gems per month for each. :)

Good luck wondering around Jamma!
Until then, play wild!


Anonymous said...


Your rules say no spamming, yet you spammed on Kinyonga's blog...

Kinyonga said...

Where did she spam?

Sweetpanda AJ said...

I didn't spam? O.o

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