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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye Patch

Wanna see some cool photographs? Visit Kiny's photo blog by clicking HERE!

Meow jammers!

As we predicted today's new item is the non-member Eye Patch sold at the Jam Mart clothing shop.

Also color changeable. :D
I am so happy that it is non-member. YAY!
As most of you might know, it was sold at the adventures before so it's a common item. 
Now we can be pirates! Huzzah! o:

Also, some new posts at the Daily Explorer. 

Aww. Pandas are so cute. They are sooo cute. ^.^
They are one of my favourite animals. :D
What's your favourite animal? Are you friendly to them? :O

Good luck trying to be friendly to animals!
Until then, play wild!

Oh, and I got a new (better, I guess?) signature. 

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