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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pirate Beard

Meow jammers!
Today's returning MEMBERS-ONLY item is the Pirate Hat.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I'm becoming so lazy to post. >.<
Yesterday's returning item was the 

Pirate Beard __
I really like those items. Why did they had to be for members? DX
Don't you think AJ is starting to bring out pirate-ish items? Before they bought out school-ish items and now the pirate-ish items __
And I've got a question to ask you. :)
How much are pirate swords, freedom/ scary bat wings and worn blankets now worth? 
It's becoming easier to get rares from the adventures.. I had got a Freedom Helmet, a brown worn and Scary Bats. 
Good luck getting rares from the adventures.
Until then, play wild!

Wanna see some cool photographs? Visit Kiny's photo blog by clicking HERE!
P.S sorry the Snaps aren't so clear like before, something went wrong with them. >.<

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