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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wristwatch and Night Of The Phantoms Update

Meow jammers!
Today's new items are the

Wristwatch sold at the Jam Mart Clothing Shop
and the new den

The Haunted Mansion den at the Den Depots shop.

It's almost October, the time for the Night Of The Phantoms to arrive! And AJ has made the update a few days ago! YAY! :D

Yay! Jamaa has changed A LOT and the music also changed. 
Bat facts and elephant banners are all around Jamaa. There are also phantoms in Jamaa.
The new thing is the Vortex and the new Phantoms game!

I love that Vortex! It's so amazing. :D
You can find the Vortex entrance everywhere around Jamaa.

After you click on that you appear at the Phantom Vortex!
And the new game is called "Phantoms" and you have to save the candy from the phantom/s in it. :)

Use the torch light and then pull the phantom towards the white colored waterfall thingy over there. x3
I like that game and I heard you get some kind of gifts? O.o
Yeah, you do. They are the new version of the tall phantom statues. I got one when I completed level 5. :D

Yay! Red Heavy Phantom Statue. :D
Well, they are found in different colors though. ;)

A new adventure called the Hive has come to Jamaa, sadly members only. ):
Also, there is a new adventure map to help you find your way. :D
You can also large and enlarge it. :DD

I've marked the treasures with red. ;) (Easy mode for Return of The Phantoms)

Btw, did you notice the new thing, I actually had NON-RARE Scary Bat wings, which I won from the adventures a few days ago BUT it turned as RARE Scary Bat wings. O.O

I wish they don't come out as RIMS. ):

I love the new update. Did you? :D

Now, here are all the pages in the Daily Explorer.
(Sorry, not in perfect order)

Yay! The spooky party is returning. Now what's the Haunted Forest party, something new I guess? x3

Adventure Map. Yay! New animal is coming to Jamaa. :D

Phantom Vortex with the new Phantoms game and Elephants Migrating Banners!

Return of the phantoms has arrived! New pet bats are for sale in the Spooky Party!

Elephants has returned and Pet Tarantulas will be for sale in the Diamond Shop in October.

That's all for today. 
Good luck to be brave of the scariness.
Until then, play wild!

P.S Sorry the snapshots are a bit unclear.
Visit Kiny's photo blog to watch cool photos by clicking HERE!

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