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Friday, September 27, 2013


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Meep Jammers!

Today's new item is the Spiked Mohawk! 
Ahhhh, Night of the Phantoms...such cool items :3 Pity this one's member. I think it's much nicer than the other mohawk, don't you?
And there's the item I somehow didn't see yesterday - the wristwatch! Interesting, though that specific one looks really heavy O.O looks like it's made of cement...and it's member.

Now then, it has been called to my attention that there's something funny going on with the non-member's chat history arrow thing:

Come on AJ HQ. You don't seriously mean to say that you're that petty? I don't want to sound mean but - you've already done enough giving far more to members and much less to non-members. And now you want to take away the only things non-members have?! Is that what we're playing Animal Jam for? To get you more money? That's seriously just too pathetic for words. I'm sure absolutely everyone is going to become a member because of that. *sarcasm* That's just...well, you've read what I put. I'm not going to carry on talking about it, because I'll just end up getting a bad reputation.

And, here's a random photo: my eye! 
Well, that's my eye colour, if you were wondering! That photo's a little dark, though, so I'm a bit of a paler green, with flecks of brown.

Oh, and you know my photography contest? I've elongated the closing date to the 1st October as I haven't had many entries - so please enter! Mind you, it's only a few extra days...

Bye for now ^.^

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