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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pencil Table

Hey jammers! today's pawsome returning item is the Pencil Table. :3

A quite nice item don't you think? :3You can slide it around
and draw on the floor. :P It also makes a nice table. :D Anyway, did you
know there was an epic wonders skyways glitch?

Its pretty cool you can sit on the orb. :3 Just in case if your
wondering how to do it, here's how! :)
First of all, stand here.

And then, click someones nametag and open up games.


Than, straight after you clicked, click a game (scooped works best) and cancel
VERY quickly. It takes some time though but its a fun glitch to do. :3
Happy jamming!


1 comment:

Soul Fairy said...

cool Glitch!!!!!!!!!!!

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