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Friday, August 22, 2014

Cosmo Portrait

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Meow jammers!
Just as I thought yesterday, Portraits are now gonna be released daily.
Tomorrow another Portrait of another Alpha. :)
Which Alpha? Could you make a guess?
Anyway, today we have Cosmo the Koala.

Aww. Cosmo's bouncy-bumpy head looks quite amazing.
I mean cute.
I would rather buy this instead of Liza's if I was a member. :D
Oh if you observed, this one ain't bamboo.
It's some other tree branch (As Cosmo's a naturalist) with a cute leapy bird sitting at the top. ^.^
The colors they put inside the frames are also likewise as the characters behavior. 
For e.g Cosmo's a naturalist so AJHQ used green for him. :D

A glitch was spotted while a jammer traded me.

It messes up. .3.
The person who trades you before has their image stuck behind the person who is trading you currently.
AJ should fix this. *.*
This happens to me everytime. >_<
Does it happen to you? 

By the way, Earthworld my good friend became so depressed today he decided to recycle everything.
And I was so shocked he seriously did.
If you see the username in the glitch above, it is Earthworld.
He has recycled everything he was wearing. D:
He now has nothing left. Can you believe it? ):
It's all my fault. He wanted to borrow my founders but I didn't lend it to him.
He thought that I thought he was a scammer, but it was actually cause I don't trust anyone.
I feel so sad for him. :C
Hope he gets his dream item someday soon, or else he said he is gonna quit is 7 days. DX
This ain't right. We should stop this from happening!
Who's with me?
>( *.* )<
(/  o  \)
Pushing your anger towards recycling your stuff is so not right! =.=
It's not that I don't trust anyone, it's that I just can't... ;_;
Once I had faith in my best buddy, she scammed me.
Then I realized how people trick and take your trust.
I do trust people but can't trust to take the risk of lending someone something. >.<

His eagle is wearing nothing.
His den is empty.
And there are some people who say they recycle but actually take the items of the animals.
But I have proof that he really recycled them.
Many of his animals were wearing the collar, it disappeared from all of them.
This wouldn't happen if he only took it off.
I know how sad it feels, maybe sad for the person but sadder for his buddy. :'o
Cause he just caught me wrong. I couldn't make him understand. ):
>(/. .\)<
(Covers face)
He's gonna quit in 7 days if he doesn't get a tiki or founders.
I tried to make him understand that no one will lend you one.
You could have tried to trade. But you recycled.
That won't help him... :(
Now I told him to play the Eagle Adv and try and get another spike.
Maybe someone would want that for a founder or tiki. :)
So he went to play.
But still he said if not he'll quit in 7 days.
Most of my good buddies already quitted, I wanna loose no more!
>( ;  ; )<
(/ o \)
(Cries. Sneeze. Asks for tissue paper.)
I'm against it. AJ should make laws now. =.=
AJ sometimes is a tragedy game you know. ;')
It makes us come so close to our online friends, people we don't even know... :)
And when they quit, it makes us feel emotional in real life. D':
>( Q.Q )<
(. <>  )
Tell us your story about how you lost an AJ friend.
We are looking forward to hearing it.
For now here's a poem I wrote:

You can send in your own activities (poems, stories, images, snapshots, short-stories etc) and I'd be glad to feature it. ^.^
Good luck and stay happily with your buddies!
Until then, play wild!

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