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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ice and Sun

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Meow jammers!
I'm sorry about yesterday's post I was in a rush.
Anyway, today it's nothing like that. :)
So yeah, let's continue.
Today's RIM is on the fifth page at the Jam Mart Clothing shop.

This will blot of the sun's radiates from reaching your face.
Worthy to wear in the summer carnival or in the beach.
The price is bit to expensive on the hand.
Let's give it some ratings:
Look: *****
Item: *****
Price: ***
Useful: *****
Jamaasian: ***
21 out of 25. Not bad.
You can give your own ratings in the comment section.

And we have another member in the Ice Cream family.
Warm welcome to Ice Cream Toppings Display!

Which topping would you prefer?
I would rather want blue or green and never pink.
I hate strawberries, but I somewhat like the flavor.

Ice melts in the Sun.
And AJ brought a Sun Visor and ice cream stuff together?
It's not wrong. Perfectly right.
Because we enjoy eating or drinking cold things in the hot summer days. ^.^

Oh and I finally found a person with an Ice Cream Parlor. :D
Congratulations Pandahearn (Snowypaw)!

You can also check her den out!
What an astonishing den! :D

Oh and I am in full swing with my Ice Cream Parlor video.
You will see it in no time.
Perhaps, less than week. :D

Anyway, I forgot about the daily pictures.
Here's today's pic.

It was a vaporous weather that day.
And there were countless crows and other birds flying here and there.
From one tree to another and they endured their journey.

That's all for today!
Have fun in the sun! ^.<
Until then, play wild!

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