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Monday, August 25, 2014

Rare Racoon Tail at an unfindable place - Summer Carnival

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Meow jammers!
Sorry about yesterday.
Yeah, I know what was going on your mind. :o
Sorry about that but a phone call came that my grandma was sick so we had to go visit her and stay there for a day. So there was no post yesterday as well.
No problem, you can find the missed items below, I've included them.
And the story I was going to tell you is going to be told today. ^.^
Anyway, as always we start we the new item.
Today's Rare is the mischievous item which was hiding in the Summer Carnival and I couldn't find it.
HIDE-AND-SEEK. FOUND YA, Rare Racoon Tail!

The combination is purr-fect.
In my opinion, these colors go well together. ^.^
What about you? Give your own ratings in the comment section.
I can catch a sight of a line surrounding the tail.
The graphics seem a bit peculiar today. :?
Why do you think so, hmm? 
Maybe AJ tried to design the new item a bit mismatched today.
In some countries, people wear these Racoon's Tail for fashion.
It's rather different the the original set of Racoon Tails.
Quiet cute to put on a racoon's tail. He-he.

Oh and I have got a new profile picture, you would notice:

My brand new profile pic. Created by ME!
It's still raining densely till today.
I guess the weather is vaporous these days. Eh?
Depressingly, my flowers just shriveled which I grew by hard work. :C
I had took good responsibility for it.
It's all your fault countless raindroppies. D':

A rainbow cast on the raindrop I clicked.
Anyway, as in the last post I mentioned...
I mean the second last post. XD
Okay, as I mentioned that I'll tell you the truth about Earthworld.
So here it is...

He later called me to his den so I went.
And I saw all those items were there.

His betas.
And I was like 'HOW COME? LIAR!'
And then he was 'Well my father works in AJHQ'.
Me: 'Nobody's father works in AJ'.
Earthworld: 'Yes, my father does.'
Me: 'Then why did you try to take my founders?'
Earthworld: 'Well actually I had to act like that.'
Me: 'Act? What'd ya mean?'
Earthworld: 'Act, you know. To find out how kind jammers are.'
Me: 'Eh. Giving excuses, huh?'
Earthworld: 'Nope. I'm serious.'
Me: 'I don't believe.'
Earthworld: 'I will make you believe. I have proof.'

He has this variety of animals right now. But that day it was only the eagle and Arctic wolf.
I had opened his animals and there was only and Arctic Wolf and Eagle.
Suddenly he transferred into his wolf which he had recycled.
It was wearing his collar and all the rares.

Me: 'O.O'
Earthworld: *Again transfer to Eagle and wolf vanishes.*
Me: 'OH WHAT? O.O'
Me: *Faint! Faint!*
Earthworld: 'Got it?'

I saw yep, cause I didn't want to take it any further.
A conflict would take place then...
But there was one thing in my mind:
I knew something was fishy, and I was being fooled.
So that kept wandering in my head.
I made an excuse and escaped from there.
I kept trying to figure it out.
And suddenly another thing popped up in my head:
If anyone's father ever worked in AJ, they should've been warned not to help his child!
So I kept on thinking and thinking and thinking.
And yesterday when I was on journey to my Grandma's, I found it out!
I realized how SILLY I was not to realize it right at that time.

But I could only figure out one part and not the other.
And not today also. Maybe you could...
Anyway, the part I had the ability to figure out was how his wolfie faded on a spur of moment.
Here's how:
MAGIC. Kidding. XD
Here's the actual how:

That when I realized I was like 'OH DUMB ME. SUCH AN EASY THINGY!'.
But even after I found out the tricks I recognize myself as a dumb person, cause I didn't find the truth about the other thingy - the other way round.
I couldn't find out the presence of how he appeared in just a blink.
I've been thinking for quite a few hours, it still ain't poppin' in meh mindos!
When I don't know something, I get taken aback cause I just summon it up.
But still, I don't know why, this time it didn't happen. D:
I'm still working on it.
I found out a theory, which means that it can't happen this way. 
Here's my theory:

So I keep thinking about this and the blur of letters just arrive in my mind which says 'IS HIS DAD REALLY FROM AJHQ OR WHAT?'
So I can't live in peace again unless I know the ugly truth. Ugh.
Would you help me figure it out? 
You guys are talented. ^.^
How did this even happen? Would anyone bother to tell me?
Or should I go have to find it from him. Eh.
A new scene is created. Aaah!
I am so keen, so eager to know the UNFINDABLE truth. EEEH!


Oh and here are the missed items:

The Hula Skirt (left) and Ram Horns (right) at Jam Mart Clothing shop.

It has rather become a lengthy post.
Anyway, one last thingy.
I conclude you with the Daily Explorer post about Tavie.

So sweet of you Graham! Graham introduces us with Tavie the dolphin alpha (who sadly was born without a tail fin).
Welcome to the Alpha group. You have a quite responsible job to face!
Good luck with it and have fun with the other alphas. ^.^

What do you think actually happened?
Got any ideas? Found the truth? :D
Found a fishy equipment?
Or is his Dad for AJHQ? 
Nevermind, the truth always comes out later. :)
Let's see...
Good luck figuring out the Ugly Truth.
Until then, play wild!
Oh and in peace! XD
Perhaps, not so worried and curious like me. :OOO
Bye meowies! ^.<

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