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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hey! ^.^

Meow jammers!
Sorry I just left without any notice. :P
Well actually I wasn't told too. >_<
Anywho, actually I was on vacations for 4 days. :o
Well I just came back yesterday.
And I couldn't post cause I couldn't manage their computer nor was there wifi so I could have informed from my blogger app. :3

A pic from my trip. :3 I might post more with every post. :3

Well now you see, I updated this blog somewhat kinda...
I added disqus comments - and I'm so confused. :?
It comes only as you click the title of the post but there ain't any 0 comments sign like before. :3
Meh, any of you know how to avoid this situation. .3.
I'm sorry for asking help from you. I shouldn't... It's embarrassing. :I 
Well well well. .3.
I'm just to tired today to post. So I'll take rest today.
So starting to post tomorrow. Eh.
Eek. :Snaps Banana:
I'm just thinking of random words.
Yeah, I've become awkward. XD
Nevermind, I don't wanna take this post too long.
I'll be posting from tomorrow again.
So chow! ^.^

And in case somebody didn't read all of those above...
Here it is for you in big letters! :D

I'll be posting again from tomorrow. 6.9

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