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Friday, August 8, 2014

I SCREAM update!!!

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Meow jammers!
So again another Thursday with another tremendous update. :DDD
I'm sorry I couldn't post yesterday, so I am doing it today. :P
I'm going to mention all the new items later, but first the Jamaa Journal.

Jamaa's latest ocean adventure is now 'Turning the Tide'.
A new alpha is now named who is Tavie the Dophin. Welcome! 
She is seen or heard in many of the ocean adventures.
Do you have what it takes to save her? Then head to the Ocean Base camp right away!

This buoy leads to the newest adventure.
Do you know what Greek building that is? 
Tell us in the comments and take your chance to win a small gift.

A statue of Tavie built nearby the adventure portal.

And there is the Portal. You swim up and right and then down and there it is.

Click 'continue the enjoyment and read further...' for the rest of the I screamtastic news.

The second page is about the unreleased animals in Jamaa - Otters.

So now you know how the otters look like? Hmm?
We are now given the title clever jammers. ^.^
Make sure you watch this fun new video. :)

I knew it! So Ice Cream Parlor has won. ^.<
Jammers are kids and kids like I SCREAM!
What's your favorite Ice-cream flavor? Mines Chocolate. ;)
I hope AJ also brings out the Salon and Egyptian Treasure.
So new Den item voting are coming. Yay!
I love this new idea. :)

Anyway, here are the fantastic new items.


3 Non-members and 5 members. ):
Not fair.
Well more are coming soon!

Have you created your Ice-cream Parlor?
Send us an image of your den at
Or you can insert the image along with your comments. C:
We'd love to see and feature it. ^.^

Glad to hear AJHQ, you have been successful!
Congratulations. :D
Have you bought the book yet?
I haven't. It's not available here where I live. :(
My uncle might get it for me from Canada. :)
If I get it, I sure will do a post with images of it.
What did you think of this book? :)

So all the pets are now on sale!
Buy all the adorable pets or your own choice.

They costed 400 gems before.

The preview button will be quite useful indeed.

There it is on the right.

You can get a glimpse of the full den - empty.

Also a buy and back button!

And here is the DE post about the Parlor!

I'm not rather fond of Ice-cream.
I can't eat because I have throat problems. :(
I am forbidden to eat ice-cream since I was 10. (I'm 11 now)
I mean I can eat like twice a month. :o
But I loved ice-cream, otherwise.
I always catch a cold. D:

What do you think of an ice-cream makeover for this blog?
Yeah maybe. We could show honor for this amazing den!
I'll change it soon then. ^.<

Image results for ice cream image

Tongue slips out. -O.O- 
(That's glasses surprise, it's cause I wear glasses. :P)
Tummy growls. :O
-Ga ga ga ga-

Anyway, let me ask for some right now. :D
Until then, play wild!
It was an update which made me go I SCCREEEEAAAMMMM!
Perhaps an I-screamtastic update. :P
Anyway, bye.

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