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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tall Tiki Table

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Meow jammers!
I apologize for not posting yesterday.
I was so busy and I had gone out... I couldn't manage time. :l
Anyway, today's new item is the Tall Tiki Table at Jam Mart Furniture.

So AJHQ made a set both for members and non member. Yee-hee. :3
I like the stand of the table.
If you notice it carefully it is a face of a demon or a something..?
It's smiling at me with that evil look. Guess that's called Tiki wonders? XD
Tribal people use shaped drums like these.

And here's the post on the Daily Explorer about yesterday's rare.

Yesterday's rare was the Rare Monkey Hat.
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit.

This looks more like a silly girls face...
It's so awkwardly awkward. :3
I just don't really like this Monkey Hat, Panda hat stuff..
Too kiddish. 
I want to see more creativity in the upcoming rares.
What kind of rares would you like to see? Examples.
Let's see what it gets in an overall 15.
Look: **
Price: **
Jamasiaan: ***
So 7 out of 15. Merg. Not a big fan.
Failure marks. ^.<
Give your own ratings in the comments.

Here's all the past new items which were missed in the posts.

The upper three at in Jam Mart Furniture.
Mammoth Tusks and Epic Antlers are in Jam Mart Clothing.
The August birthstone is is Epic Wonders.

Below are the new items at the beta party.

Serially they are: (left to right from top left)
Beta Pink Jar, Beta Green Rug, Beta Green Heart Couch, Beta Blue Chest, Beta TV, Beta Table.

Well there might be more. I will post tomorrow them

And as I said in the last post, I'd be posting photos daily from my trip now.
So, here..

Do you see those weeds hanging from the trees?
It was a cloudy weather that day.
They have 31 cats. I'll post their cats' pic tomorrow.

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