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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tiki Tuka Tika Tuk - Tiki Lawn Chair

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Meow jammers!
So now a new phrase I've created for all the 'Tiki' set - Tiki Tuka Tika Tuk.
I'm gonna use this phrase for all the upcoming Tiki stuff.
He-he. :P
So again we have another part of the Tiki Set - Tiki Lawn Chair at Jam Mart Furniture.

Alright. So let me guess it out.
Bamboos? Huh. XD
Tiki is a tribal myth.
They also have designed Chairs like these.

A tiki chair.
You might notice this face at the stand lower the chair. 
There. Did you see it?
You can create a fun new den will all these Tiki adventures.

Kloek's den. Tiki adventure.
See! It's wonderfully decorated with tiki stuff.
Creative situation. Nice.

If you want your dens to be featured here in this blog, simply put down your username along with 'I want my den to be featured' in the comments. Or you can mail me at

This carpet has been spotted on the Egyptian Treasure den.

Here's a post on the Daily Explorer about underwater vehicles.

And as a daily prompt, here's today's image:

So as I said yesterday, I would post their cats image.
Here's three of them.
The black and white one who is getting bitten by the orange one is called Leonardo.
The orange one is called Pluf.
And that white one sitting nearby these two and watching the wrestling is Naffy. 
They aren't any international cat so they eat everything which is given to them.
They wander around in my aunt's large lawn.
Very friendly, but afraid indeed.
They fight and play together.
Look how Pluf is biting Leonardo. Cute.
They don't mean it in a bossy way though.

Anyway, so that's the end of today's post.
Tomorrow maybe I'll post about Otters.
Until then, play wild!

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