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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Leaf Fan

Hey! Cloudclaws here. :3
Well, since no one posted for a long time i decided i'll post today. :3
The new item is in Treetop Gardens, the leaf fan! 
Heh. It's pretty cool. :3
I just really love items from treetop gardens. XD
Ooo, and it doesn't have that annoying "MEMBERS ONLY" tag. ^o^
Seriously i just think that tag is annoying. :T
Also it spins if you click on it. :D
And here's a DE post about otters! c:
mhm . . Perhaps a clue that the otters coming on Thursday? ^-^
Aaand here's the pictures of the missed items . . 
They look pretty cool! :D
Also, here's a question for y'all:
A long time ago, the Alphas used to appear in Jamaa. Where do you think they have gone?

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