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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peck Portrait

So it's me, cloudclaws. Im posting because sweetpanda cannot post at the moment. D:
But anywho, let's get on with the new item which is the Peck Portrait!
Yay! Peck! :D
I <3 Peck. :p
Im sorta starting to like these portraits. c:
Also, i love the background color. It's awesome. :D
Now all that's left is Greely and Graham. ^o^
Speaking of Sir Gilbert and Peck, doncha realize they haven't been in the adventures yet? Poor Peck & Gilbert! ;-;
Moving on, here's the DE post. ^-^
Woof! National dog day. Yay! :3
But i like cats better though. No offense. Dogs are still great though. ^-^
On the other hand, the monkey claw is leaving Jamaa D:
But this means that there will be a new claw coming, so yay! :D
Okay, that's all i have for today! Bye. :3

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