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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spilled Ice Cream D:

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Meow jammers!
Today we have a scrumptious delicacy. 
Would you bother to lick this? :D

Credit to AJS.

I like the ones to be put on the wall better.
I really wish I could have a bite. 
They all look so realistic.
Which color did you like most? ^.^
I liked the red one. Hope it's not strawberry. :P
This item will be purr-fect for the Parlor, cause people usually spill them. Lol.
Have you ever spilled an ice-cream? Me, nyaaa.

Moving on I am going to make pages about preventing scam.
I am sorry for all the ones who get scammed. ):
I know how it feels. I have been scammed twice.
If you have been scammed, you can ask for help in the comments.

So this quote is spreading around Jamaa. And you should help it.
And this is what everyone should follow.
So if you have ever scammed, you should feel sorry.
Doing bad to someone for getting your good is not right!
You should apologize and return the items straight away.
And never scam ever again! :)
And some jammers are just flipping it around:
Be a scammer! Not a jammer!
Nope. Never listen. :)

Anyway, we are looking for an ice-cream parlor!

I hope maybe we can have a small contest with this!
How will it be? :)

Plus and post at the Daily Explorer.


So? Which pet is best for you?
Do you like that adorable bunny down there? :D
I like it a lot.
Do you have any pets?
Comment down about your pets. ^.^
I have 14 cats. 

Anyway, I might post a video about decorating your parlor tomorrow or some day if I manage.
Until then, play wild!
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