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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spooky Update

Meow jammers!
Sorry for late post, I had to go shopping and then study. >.<
Another huge update today with plenty of new SPOOOOKY items out. 
Now, the BRAND new items in the Jam-Mart-Clothing is the

Epic Dragon Skull and the

Epic Dragon Wings. Also found in color version. These are skeletonish items and MEMBERS-ONLY again. )':

The Spooky Party arrived once again back to Jamaa. Woo-hoo. :)

Ahh. 4 minutes.
Okay, four minutes passed...
The party is the same one as it was before. All the items have returned once again back to Jamaa. Welcome back. :D

Music, the Spooky old bones.

All the returning clothing items.

And all the returning den items.

Also. Don't forget the invisibility at the Spooky Party.

Oh, I also forgot the two new pets.

Pet Tarantulas in the Diamond Shop.
And the pet bats in where? People have pet bats with them but, I can't find it anywhere. Not at Paw's and Claws, nor in the pet finders place. >.<
So, sorry I don't have a snapshot.

At least, I have this pic. :P

Now, the new birthstone of October is

Opal. Nice, it kinda looks like the Earth? :3
A lot of new items.
Oh, I almost forgot the flooring and walls. x3

They are in the Jam Mart Furniture Shop. 

And see this, I look terrible like a vampy.

That's all for today.
Good luck scaring your buddies!
Until then, play wild.

Oh, and soon I'll get a new Signature Image which is something spooky. :P

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cloudclaws said...

I love the day of the phantoms :D

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