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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Conch Couch

Meow jammers!
Today's new item is the Conch Couch at Sunken Treasures.

Lol. When I saw this first I thought it was Couch Couch. XD
I kinda like this item. It's like we're sitting on a rock. XD
The colors give a wavy look which looks perfect for an underwater item. ^.^

And yesterday, I found two people with the same users. x3

Lol. Then my buddy told me, they are not actually the same users.
I'll tell you how.
The bunny is worldanimals
And the Arctic Wolf is woridanimals, the i is written in capital. XD

Same here:


Juiian2. (i in capital)

Maybe the Night Of the Phantoms might be gone tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
The spooky party and the haunted party has already left Jamaa.
Collect your spooky item today..

Oh, and the next contest is when the blog reaches

Yeah. 25 Followers and 5000 views.

We have 2100+ views and 13 followers.
Just need 3900 more or less views and 12 more followers. ^.^
Oh, and enter the going on contest now!
Nobody entered yet. ):
If nobody enters who will I give the prizes to. Lol. XD
I'll tell my buddies about the contest. ^.^

Good Luck playing around Jamaa.
Until then, play wild!

P.S I might make a new signature soon.

1 comment:

politekoala said...

Hey there i have heard that you have a comment poster contest it would be easy but i think Cloudclaws will win :D

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