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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fancy Shoes and bye-bye Night of the Phantoms. >:D

Meow jammers!
So the Night of the phantoms has left Jamaa. ):
We are heading nearer to the Winter. ^.^

So it's the Autumny look has returned.
The statue is freezing and so it means Winter  (Jamaalidays)  is coming. ^.^

Anyway, coming to today's new item.
The Fancy Shoes at Jam Mart Clothing. :)

These are fancy but it doesn't look nice.
I prefer the High Heels other than this. XD

And a new den at Den Depots.

I love this den. ^.^

Oh, and by reading other blogs I just noticed this:

The one I posted on my blog.

Did you figure out the difference.
Look below the New! sign.
AJ actually edited the item.
I posted earlier than on the AJ Grove.
And so now we also know that the Conch Couch can also be color changed. :D

Also, there are new pages included with the Jamaa Journals. ^.^

Ohh. Yaay!
Thanks so much AJ. ^.^
But, you could have made the Cosmo adventure for all earlier. XD

I'm so excited for this animal. :DDD
I tried to figure out what it is and finally I did.
It is a


Yay! The mushroom hut has returned to Jamaa. 
The newest adventure for members can also be played in Hard Mode now. ^.^

We already know about the game invites..
YAY! Now AJ is giving Double gems in all games of Jamaa. :D
Let's not waste time and make lots of gems. ^.^

I am really excited for this. :)

Anyways, bye for now. :)
Play wild!


Anonymous said...

Hello, and nice blog! I saw it on the AJ Spirit, and I decided to check it out. I love your header!

Cloudclaws said...

The Autumn theme is pawsome! :D

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