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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rare Unicorn Horn

Meow jammers!
A new RIM has entered the land of Jamaa. :P
Introducing you all to the Rare Unicorn Horn. :e

Aww. I love this item.
When I'm a member, I'll use one of these in a horse and make it like a unicorn. :P
The colors look like a evil unicorn other than a good one. XD

And guess what, today I tried making up an AJMV.
I made 2 scenes and I failed. :P

I don't have much devices on my computer to help me with videos.
I don't even have anything to help me with graphics or edit pictures.
That's why I can't make my blog up the way I want. x3
I don't even know how to give a transparent background to a pic. :P
Somebody teach me. >.<
I know so less about computers. o.o
It might be nice if you can tell me a software to help me with editing pictures and make sure it's free. :P

I'll end the post here.
See ya tomorrow. ^.^
Play wild!

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