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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pilgrim Hat & Mushroom

Meow jammers!
We have two returning item today.
Starting with a land clothing, it is the returning Pilgrim Hat at the Jam-Mart-Clothing shop.

Inline image 1

I like everything about the hat other than it's for members only. >.<
If you want to dress up as a pilgrim, you can try out these cool Pilgrim Hats. :D

Coming, to the second item.
It is a returning land den item.
Let's welcome back ze Mushroom Table. ^.^

Inline image 2

It's a nice idea to use these tables for a Autumn den decoration.
I think tomorrow's new item will be the Mushroom Chairs. :P

And also, there is a new weird glitch happening around Jamaa.

Inline image 3

Firstly, three of the items are invisible.
Then, two of the Rare Items got a #8331 sign.
How weird right?

It also happens with the shop glitch now.

Inline image 4

Before it was you have 100,000 gems and you need 100,000 more.
Now it had become #6211. 
I was more happy with the 100,000 gems I had. XD

And yesterday, at the Adventure Base Camp, people couldn't move and they all were invisible.

Inline image 5

Lol. Only the pets and name tags appear. XD

See ya!
Good luck avoiding weird glitches around Jamaa and making up a Autumn den.
Until then, play wild!

Inline image 6

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