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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hope to see you again soon! ^.^

Meow jammers!
So, I'm leaving Jamaa.
But not for forever though. :P
My exams are coming and I have to study..
After my exams, I'm going on my vacations.
So, I'll be returning at January 1st. :D
I might be on rarely, but I won't post.
I'll be on everyday to do the daily spin but I won't play..
Anyway, I was working on a video and I made a trailer for it. :P
I'll try making the movie when I'm on.

For now, you can watch the trailer.

Oh, well.
It's not just to stop scamming.
There are more like comics and stuff about the World of Jamaa.

I'm doing my last post today. :P

Today's item is the returning underwater Seaweed Boa. :P

This items nice and leafy too. :P
It looks real nice on seals (or did I see dolphins?)
I don't have something much to say about this item. XD

Okay then.
Well, I might post rarely. :P
I don't feel like not posting. .o.

And I'll be here with new exciting stuff and a totally new makeover for this blog when it's New Year. :D
Wish me good luck for my exams. :)
Here's a list of stuff I promise

1. A new comic.

2. A nice new makeover for the blog.

3. A giveaway.

Oh, and I totally forgot about the contest. :P
Well, as I won't be on at 20th Nov, it ends at 1st January. :P



Anyway, see ya soon!
Good luck studying!
Until then, play wild! ^.^


Cloudclaws said...

Can i post when your gone? its ok if no though.

Cloudclaws said...

cool vid by the way, how did you do the effects?

Sweetpanda56789 Not Signed In said...

Yurp, sure. You can post. ^.^

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