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Monday, November 25, 2013

Rare Faerie Wings and Pet Diner Stool

Meow jammers!
Today's RIM is the Faerie Wings at Jam Mart Clothing.

Cool. Bright colors.

And the Pet Diner Stool at the Play-As-Your Pet Party.

Quiet cute. :D

I have to go out today, now.
And it's my exams on the 6th. 
Wish me good luck. ^.^
Anyway, bye. :D
Oh, and it's my sister's b-day on the 5th. .o.
Baaaai now. 
Hope you like the blog's new makeover for winter.
Real baaaai now.


Soul Fairy said...

Awesome i love the new rare! But don't you think they should of made the pink brighter?

asima khan said...

So cute and charming..!!!Double TV Bed in Brown

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