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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Meow jammers!
Sorry for the extremely late post, I was playing badminton with my sis. ^.^
Today's returning item is the antlers at Jam-Mart-clothing shop.

I think it was in Shiver Shopee last year, maybe...
Anyways, this items kinda nice. ^.^
It's one of my fav items in Jamaa. :P
I also love reindeer. :P

And here are some new glitches..

Lol. Only one has a shadow. XD

Anyway, here are some homepage glitches which happened when I tried to log in. O:

Lol. Half of the page is black.

The writings are on the left. XD

The image is glitching out and also there's a national geographic invisible thingy above the player login. XD
Anyway, that's all for today.
Play wild!

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