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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leaf Pile and Starfish Glasses

Meow jammers!
Two new items today.
Starting with the land den item, introducing the returning Leaf Pile at Jam Mart Furniture shop! ^.^

Lol. All are yellow, orange and red. 
Can you find out a green one? :P
This item's really cool and can help you decorate a nice Autumn den. ^.^

The second item today is a returning underwater item, the Starfish Glasses at Bahari Bargains shop. :)

Meh. This item's kinda weird to me.
Don't you think?
The glasses have no holes, so how will you see? XD
It's good if you're playing catch me with your eyes closed. XD

Anyway, bye.


nicole bolin said...

My eyes burn cause of your blog it's so bright lol anyway nice blog! ~sparkle08732
:DD have a threat day!

nicole bolin said...

Great not threat typo sorry

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