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Friday, November 29, 2013

Snowball Pile

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, i had to get of the computer and i WAS going to go back, but i couldn't because it was my bedtime. >.< I promise i will (try) to post. Anyway, today's returning item is the Snowball Pile!
Just in time for the Jamaalidays! :D Its perfect for snowball fights but honestly,
this item should be nonmember, i mean it is just a pile of snowballs. Why do you need to buy snowballs anyway? o.o Anyway, maybe you could try filling
your den with snowballs, or line your entrance with these. ^.^ Meanwhile, i got 2/5 pieces of the ice armor!
this is my arctic wolf in my ice spirit outfit. She can also control water and snow.
I want a water armor too, earth armor and a lighting armor too! What other ideas do you have? :D
And i guess i don't need to buy an ice armor either. :P And remember jammers, its Free Friday which means you may write a den/clothing idea if you wish! ^.^ (see yesterdays post for more information)
Happy jamming!

1 comment:

mia taylor said...

Get ready for a snowball fight!

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