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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CM and SS

Meep Jammers!

And today's returning items are the Clown Mask...

I've never liked this item. Too creepy, and big and sort of...heavy. It's more like a Clown Hat-cross-Mask.
Not to mention the fact that it looks like it's made out of polystyrene X3

...and there's the Skeleton Suit, too!

I like the skeleton suit :3 it changes to match whether you're a dolphin, shark, etc. Pity it's only for members >.<

Now, you know in the adventures, these plants...

...are called chomper plants?
I have a question: since when are Venus Fly Traps called Chomper Plants? O.O
Because this is just going to give people who don't know the "chomper plant's" real name funny ideas.
 In Sarepia Forest, they're sold as "Fly Traps" it's just going to make things confusing o.e

Well, bye for now ^.^


1 comment:

Cloudclaws said...

I like the name Venus Flytrap better than chomper plants..
But to think of it, look at the flytrap its like way smaller than the chomper plants, so maybe they are another speices after all? ^.^

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