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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Skeleton Mask and yesterday's items.

Meow jammers!
Today's returning/new item is the Skeleton Mask sold at Bahari Bargains.

What a big and round skull. Whoever's skull this is, I guess his/her head was circular with round eyes. XD
I like this item. It's cute. :3
And I guess it's a returning item, still if I've never seen it before. x3

Maybe Kiny didn't read my comment so there was no posts yesterday.
I'll take a break from posting soon as I'll be going on vacations.
I'm really busy these days. 
Yesterday, in the morning I woke up at 11:45 when my alarm clock said it was 8:30. ;-;
Then I saw my sis was not at home, she went to her friend's house. I took my breakfast and went with mommy to pick her. 
After that we went to a Pizza Hut for pizza. The pizza was really nice. :P
The restaurant was far from home and so it took like 2 hours to go there. 
Then after 2 hours we returned at home when it was already 6. 
After that, we went shopping and from the supermarket we went to another restaurant for dinner.
When we came back home it was already bedtime, so I didn't get time with the computer. x3

Yesterday's itemS were the

The Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern in the Mystery Emporium shop.

The Pumpkin Mask at the Hot Cocoa Hut.
and the

Salamander Gills at Bahari Bay.

And have you seen the thing with the cheetahs?

When they play, they leave all there clothes behind and start to run super fast. 
Oh and did you know, Cheetahs are the fastest running animals in the world. I guess so? :3

I glitch a lot in the adventures. 
And now AJ edited something with the phantoms. .o.

Lol, their eyes. XD

I maybe can't post tomorrow as my friends from school are coming over, Kiny can you post for me then? :)
Anyways, that's all for today.
See you day after tomorrow.
Play wild!

1 comment:

Cloudclaws said...

The think the suprised jack-o'-lantern looks more
like a happy one. XD

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