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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Jack O' Lantern

Meow jammers!
Sorry for super late post. I was actually watching a movie...
Today's new item is the Evil Jack O' Lantern, sold at the Mystery Emporium shop. 

Eviiiiiil! Nuuuu.
I kinda like this version of the Jack O' Lanterns. 
Lanterns should be scary, something like this Evil one, if you think about the Scared Lantern. XD
Oh, Lantern, have you got hurt in your right eye?
Lantern says: "No I was just trying a one eye wink."
Which one is your favourite Lantern? Mine is Evil one. :P
What new versions of these Lanterns would you like to see next?
Submit your ideas to AJ HQ now by clicking the "?".

There are a few around Jamaa. You can find some in the Jam Mart Clothing shop, Epic Wonders and Diamond Shop etc.

Here's what I submitted to AJ HQ. :P

Last time, when it was the friendship festival, I submitted a "Let Us Know" to AJ, and my item was in the stores. o.o
It was the weird heart glasses though. XD

Speaking of ?s I saw that people without Safe Chat has a ? mark sign beside there chat button.

Lol. I was just trying to type

And now, any appropriate words that are not in the Chat Dictionary can be added. :D

And when logging in today, I saw this:

We use the trade system and get scammed. .o.

Oh and, what about the blog's new design? If anythings are wrong about it, feel free to tell me, I will change it for you. Oh, and which one do you prefer, the old (bats) one or this one? :)

Anyways, bye for now.
Play wild!

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