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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Head, Atlers and Cape

Meow jammers!
Sorry for this extremely late post, I was studying maths.
Anyways, now today's returning clothing items are.

The Scary Antlers! Those are kinda the gazelle horns just the orangish black color.
Sorry to jammers who had it. I'm happy it returned. I'll obviously buy one when I'm a member. ^.^

The second clothing item is at Shiveer Shoppe, the Pumpkin Head.

-Smiles back to pumpkin.- :D
Aww. That pumpkin is so cute. It's smiling very nicely. :)
I wish it was non-members. ):

The third item is an underwater one, sold at Bahari Bargains.

Yay! Now we can be superheroes! Wait, heroes? Not heroines. ):
I wish they had brought superhero capes for land. :O
Also, don't worry, the last's year's ones remains with the rare signs. ^.^

Oh, and so we have our 10 followers. :D
I will arrange the contest soon.
It will start from November 1st. :P
And if you look at the closed poll on the below right, the most votes were got by


Okay, so it will be a drawing-contest. ^.^
Either drawn at the computer or real world.
Start drawing now if you want to enter. You can enter up to 10 pictures. :P
You get more chances of winning then. :D

Anyways, bye now.
I gotta practice some more maths. :P
Play wild!

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