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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coral Phantom Statue and Scared Jack-O'-Lantern

Meep Jammers!

Today's new items are the Coral Phantom Statue...
...meh, I really don't like that. At all. If you ask me, it looks like a coffin standing up. 
Or a fossilized phantom...with a human shape O.O
Or a marble swirly block with a couple of deformities.

And yesterday's new item (I knew I'd miss one), was (and is) the Scared Jack-O'-Lantern!
Everyone seems to be saying this, but I'll say it anyway - why is it scared? Why not us?

Byeee! :3


1 comment:

Cloudclaws said...

I know right o-o why is it scared and not us?

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