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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eyeball Hat, Spooky Tree and Neck Bolts

Meow jammers!
Two returning items today and one new. :)

The first one is a clothing in the Jam Mart Clothing Shop.

Ze Eyeball Hat. ^.^
It's a returning member item which can also be color changed....

The second item is another clothing which is an underwater one though. x3

I don't think it's a returning item. Maybe it's a new item? :3
Once again member and color changeable. And it is sold at the Bahari Bargains.
Oh, and I have got a question for you.
Are underwater items not so popular? :o

Now coming to the third item of today. 

This one's a den item which is for sale in the Jam Mart Furniture Shop.
-Rubs eyes to see again-
Ahh. Members. .-.
Oh and this ones sold at Epic Wonders as you can see it's not a cheap item...
There are new versions of trees every month. Last time I saw it, I guess it was the Autumn tree. :3
This tree.....
I never found any den items spooky before. For example the UN-scary balloons..
Do you think it's spooky? XD
The tree looks like a old one to me. :O
It's been living for more than a thousand years. .O.

Oh, and don't forget the News Crews Assignment.

The assignment is about Creepiest Animals. Submit your entries before the 13th of October, 2013 (Sunday).

And remember the Diamonds News Crews Assignment?
I sent only one entry for News Crews which for for the diamonds.
Here's my article. 
Whaaa? I can't find it. >.<
I didn't lose it, it's still on my computer. I'll post it someday. :P
Btw, the assignment needs a screenshot right? I have that with me but I can't find the article which was on Microsoft Office Word. :O
Anyways, here's the screenshot.

That weird looking wolf is me. The Arctic Wolf is FatHusky. :)
This picture is located in the Diamond Shop. (I'm saying this cause some people will be confused, maybe?)

Anyways, that's all for today.
Also, don't forget the contest, just 2 followers to go and I hope we will get 'em soon. :D

Good luck with your assignments.
Until then, play wild!

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