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Monday, October 21, 2013

Rare Scary Halo, Airplanes and Creature Mask

Meow jammers!
Okay, so I got to post. ^.^
Anyway, today's rare item Monday is the Rare Scary Halo at the second last page of Jam-Mart-Clothing. 

It's not scary.
A halo should never be scary though. XD
Even if it's scary, it should have some kind of scariness, for example some reddish horns/ a firey halo. >.<
I sat to post an hour ago but AJ wouldn't load and finally it did and so I've got the snaps. :P

Also, let me now forget two returning items of today. XD

Firstly, the Airplane Wings at Bahari Bargains.
Doesn't it fell awkward when "ocean animals" are wearing "Airplane" wings. 
Normal wings never mattered by why does ocean animals need "air" wings, there's no air underwater and what will they even do with that item? XD
Funny, I like that item anyhow.

The second item is the Creature Mask at Jam-Mart-clothing shop.

Luckily, I got the snap. Phew. 
Creature mask is kinda a "Vampire Mask"
Actually, the teeth is like a Vampire, so... XD
Anyway, I'm happy it returned but I don't actually like that item. XD
It has nothing funny/interesting about it. It's an adjectiveless item. Lol!
I just created a new words. 
Lol. I actually mean it cannot be described.
For example you can say the airplane wings look weird.
Here's a full list of adjectives you can try with that mask. .o.

Adjectives to describe the Mask:

Only adjectives that can describe it are --
______ Colors... :|

AJ yesterday was loading in 25/30 seconds yesterday. Today, it's taking 2 hours. >.<

Doesn't it feel sooooooooooo sad or whatever to see this?
The game's loading and your game logs out.
I mean I was actually there..
It was AJ who wasn't there.
The slow loading isn't a problem of my Internet Connection, as far as I believe.
AJ should make their game faster and easier to load.
When I went to my friend's house, the game wouldn't even load the Earth Picture.
If AJ makes it faster, it would be really nice for slow connections. ^.^

My posts are meaning less. Ahh. >.<
-Sings- La-la-la-la-la-la!!
My ugly voice. 
I hate mice.

Anyways, bye now. :P

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