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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello, Halo and Scary Balloons!

Remember Kiny's photo contest? It has ended and now she has announced the winners.
 Click HERE to see the winners!
Oh, and visit here cool photo blog by clicking HERE!
She takes real good photos, don't miss it out.

Meow jammers!
I totally missed one item yesterday which is the

Underwater Skull Necklace sold at Bahari Bargains. Thanks to Kiny, if I didn't read her post today, I'd have missed it today also. And weird, for some kind of unknown reason, it is on the second page. Kiny said returning item in her blog, I did heard the name but I never saw the item? :3
-Sniff- -Sniff-
Now, coming to today......
Today's returning item is the Halo in the Jam Mart Clothing shop.

I don't think that halo is a single bit SpOokish. 

And the den item is 

Ze returning Scary Balloons. Scary balloons? It doesn't look a single bit scary to me. You know, it shall be something so scary which will make you fall off the computer chair. AJ should add some dark, red, spooky, scary, cool and awesome eyes to the balloons so they look as spooky as a scary ghost. 

Oh, and did you notice the newest party in Jamaa?

Ohhhh. I'm so excited. 2 hrs and 41 minutes. Nuu, I can't be on for that long. I have to study as my exams are really near which are in December. Speaking of exams, I can't be on from November 15th or a bit more, so I'll take a holiday for posting and Kiny's posting will start. (I have to tell Kiny about this)

And, I've re-decorated my den. Now it's a library. :P

I just love books. I mean I love reading them. They are good for our knowledge. 
I have 7 of yesterday's rare bookshelves. :P

And guess what, just as I logged in, I saw this. o_o

Like 60% of Jamaasians are scammers and 40% good. 
But these people aren't doing such BIG scams, the most random jam a gram gets rare bow is a scam but he/she is not stealing stuff from you. The elephant is asking for stuff, but if you don't send him/her anything so it's still fine. And I saw more than 6 or 7 founders. In the snap, you can see half the founder of the wolf. 
Some people say founders are in adventures? Are they really? O.o
Nu. I don't guess so. .o.

Happy Halloween!
Play wild!
And I also got my new signature for Halloween. :P


RockyTop2 said...

Wow, amazing library den!!

Aubrey said...

I love your den!

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