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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bat + Nessie + Claws = Nessie's BatClaws

Meow jammers!

Today's new items are the

Bat Mask at Jam Mart Clothing.
Wee hee. One of our favourite items have returned!

2nd Item is Nessie Mask at Bahari Bargains. ^.^

Lol. This made me remember of Messi the footballer. XD
Cause they actually rhyme.

3rd Item of today is the Scorpion Armor at Epiccc Wonderzz.

I never actually wished this was member. =-=

Yesterday's items were the Scorpion Claws at Epic Wonders.

Epic Item. I love it!
I've also noticed that when you click it it claps the claws. XD
It rather looks like a crab's claw than a scorpions. Lol. x3

Another item of yesterday was the underwater Halo at Bahari Bargains. ^.^

First time I'm seeing 2 items with the same name. XD
Lol. Same and name rhyme. XD

Anyways, I have to go soon.
Have a happy Halloween. ^.^
Until then
Play wild!

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