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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jack Head, Silly Arrow and missed items.

Meow jammers!
Today's new item is the Silly Arrow sold at the Jam-Mart-Clothing shop.

I really like that item. It's funny. :P
The item's playful too. So niceee, but member. ):

Today's second item is the returning/new underwater Jack-O-Lantern head at Bahari Bargains.

Yay. Now there's also underwater Pumpkin clothings. Yay!

Sorry for not posting. No, I wasn't taking a break, I was busy.
Yesterday's items were the returning Bat Glasses 

I've always loved this item. :)
And now it's on sale. Yaay! 
Do not buy it! You should play the claw in the trading party for 5 gems and save!
Lol. Yeah, why does it have to be 200 gems? >.<

And the new Brain Helmet. 

Okay, so people who doesn't wear this item doesn't have a brain. XD
And I never knew a brain can be colored. LOL! 

And day before yesterday's items were
The Angry Pumpkin Mask at the Hot Cocoa Hut.

Woah. Angry. XD

And the returning Phantom Head at Epic Wonders.

Lol. I said 'Head'. 
Correction: Mask. *
Finally, returned to Jamaa. Sorry to those who already had one/more of this.
When you wear it, it becomes sooo huge. 
Also some kind of 'phantom electric' shots around.

And also, I saw an AJ notice and I thought...

AJ should let us feed our animals. I know, you can get smoothies, cocoas and stuff from dinner party
but, you don't actually feed your animals..
Well I was just waiting for some candies. :P
And I can't even get some in AJ when it's Halloween so I thought..

Why doesn't AJ create some trick or treat basket. 
Like a pumpkin basket filled with candies?

I hope I can post tomorrow, maybe.
If I don't before Kiny logs in, then Kiny, you post. :P
And I am going out of country soon so I'll be taking a break. :P

Okay, bye see ya.
Play wild!

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