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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coral Tombstone

Meow jammers!
Sorry for this late post, I just had lunch.
Today's new item is in Sunken Treasures and it's the new Coral Tombstone!

Firstly, it's way better than the Coral Phantom one. XD
This tombstone is an underwater version of the land ones.
It's not scary but the items nice. A skull and orangey pumpkinish colors. ^.^
It's found in different colors though. :)
To me, it's better than the land ones cause you know this has a design and the land ones are just simple black graveyards. 

 I was looking for some mushrooms on a side note.
Does anybody have some?

These glowing Mushroom Patch/es.
I'd like a nice trade, don't go to an over trade. Keep it fair, comment your trade.

Anyways, I got to go now.
Play wild!


Anonymous said...

Rare scary bat wings/rare nerd glasses?


Anonymous said...

Could you maybe possibly visit my blog?
Or send me a jam a gram (which i mentioned on the Animal Jam Midnight)


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