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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Changing my username!

Meow jammers!
So, if you've read the title, you know that I'm changing my user name.

Here are a few question answered:

Q: What will your new user be?
A: It is going to be PebblePuppet.

Q: Why are you changing it?
A: Because my username sound very kiddish and some people tease me. 

Q: When will you change it?
A: Apparently, when I'm a member and when I can tell all my buddies that I'm changing my user.

Q: What will you do, there is already an existing username as "PebblePuppet."
A: It is my account, I will mail AJ to change the PebblePuppet's user to Sweetpanda56789 and mine to PebblePuppet.

Q: How did you think of your new user?
A: When I first came to AJ, my name tag was Princess pretty"Puppet". I still remember that and I love puppets very much. And I've wanted to make both the words in my user with "P". 
I wanted to make it PandaPuppet, but there is already one. So, I decided to make it pebble.
It will be something uncommon as you know, puppets are not made of pebble. XD

Any more questions about changing usernames, comment it and I'll reply very soon.
Bye, now.


Cloudclaws said...

Your user isnt babyish! i liked it.. But you can change it. ^.^
Believe it or not, i changed mine. It used to be bunny02206 but that username was REALLY boring. :P So i finally came up with cloudclaws ^.^

Kinyonga said...

I vote yes :3
They're both nice usernames, but I maybe prefer PP :3

RockyTop2 said...

Pebblepuppet sounds really cool! :3

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