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Friday, October 25, 2013

Horns and Scorpion Helmet

Meow jammers!
So, it's Friday and I'm posting. :P
Kiny, you have to post tomorrow then.
Well, actually my parents and sis went out so I can sit. :P
Now, today's returning clothing item is the Horns at Bahari Bargains.

Ahh. Those big bull horns scare me. /).(\
Go away scary horns.
I never liked this weird item. :P

Today's second item is the new item that we all have been waiting for.
Now the Scorpion Helmet is for sale at Epic Wonders!

Nuu. I never wanted it to be member. )':
I hope the rest 3 will be non-members. :D
This item can also be found in colors.
According to its size don't you think it should be 750/800 gems? -.-
And if you see, there are some horns (I mean teeth) sticking out of it's mouth. .o.

Here's an advertisement:

Pet Contest, hosted by Dawn Woodlands.

Anyways, bye for now.
Play wild!


edwingrim2 said...

When I went on this morning, I couldn't find the Scorpion Helmet.
Is it on the first page of the "armor-related" items? O.O
Or maybe the last?

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Well, it wasn't actually there in the morning. Or maybe it could have been a glitch or you didn't actually see the item. XD
It's on the first page at the clothing orb.

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