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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Small New Update and items

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Meow jammers!
There's a small new update today.
Starting with the new and returning items. ^.^

The returning phantom hat in Jam-Mart-Clothing shop.
Yay! I wish this item was in colors. ):

The second one is a returning den item.
Yay! When I try to click the Candy Bowl and "Take One" it doesn't even let me. .o.
Today when I logged in, I saw some candies along with jammers. I wonder where they got them? O.o

Where do you actually get those? .o.
I want some. Yum. 

Oh, and I saw new Join Me signs for buddy games. o.o
I know they're only members but where do you actually get them?

And the Jamaa Journal has a few new pages too. Some old ones are gone..

An all new adventure has arrived at the Adventure Base Camp!

As you know, the newest animal in Jamaa is the Cheetah. 
The new item is the Scorpion Armor set which will soon be for sale in Epic Wonders!
Yay! No more waste of diamonds. I hope they are non-member. :D

Now the Adventure Invites will go along with you everywhere in Jamaa.
The Night Of The Phantoms will soon be leaving Jamaa.

There's a new Video of Sketch Jam in the Art Studio painting.
Dr. Brady has some new exciting stuff to do!

Also remember the contest?
Visit for further information.

That's all for today!
See you on Saturday! :D
(Kiny, you post tomorrow as it is Friday.)
Play wild!

1 comment:

edwingrim2 said...

I really like the Candy Bowl. ^.^
I'm so glad it's back!

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