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Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Animal Day Banner, Feathered Mask, Vampire Mask, Bat Tombstone, Studded Bracelet and Pet Haunted House

Meow jammers!
Today's returning item is the World Animal Day Banner sold at Jam Mart Furniture Shop.

Nice. I like that item. But I think it should had have a picture of different animals not just a koala. x3

Today's second item is the Feathered Mask at the Clothing Orb at Epic Wonders.

It's another returning item. Sadly, members only. The item can also be color changed. It looks really funny of Snow Leopards....
Well, I kinda like that item and I sadly can't buy one. ):

The third item today is the Pet Haunted House which is also in Epic Wonders in the Den Items Orb.

Again, the third item is also a returning one. I think it's a smaller version of the Spooky Dens. It costs a lot and you know, again members only. . _ .

Oh, and remember the Pet Bats. You can buy them in the Spooky Party.

When you click the part I circled in red, you see the pet bats thingy appear.

Speaking of pets, now as hamsters are for non-members, the Pets Only Party has become for non-members. Yay! Thanks AJ! :D

Huzzah! Victory at last. :P

A lot of returning items today. The fourth one is the Vampire Mask which is again the the Jam Mart Clothing Shop.

The item is nice. I just wonder that if it's a mask, how can the bat over there just FLY? o.o

The fifth returning item is the Bat Tombstone in the Jam Mart Furniture Shop.

Every time I get logged out and refresh the page, a new item appears. 
This is the 4th time I'm editing the post. .o.

The sixth item is new. It is the Studded Bracelet at the Diamond Shop.

5th time I'm editing the post.
And if you see, it's not a wristband. It's a Bracelet. XD
Some people in Jamaa were saying the Spike Wristbands have returned in the Diamond Shop!
But actually, they were talking about the Studded Bracelet. XD

I'll try refreshing once again to see if any MORE new/returning items. Duh. 

Yesterday's two returning items were the Frankenstein Mask and the Monster Teeth.
(Sorry, maybe Kiny forgot to post, she was busy or maybe she didn't read my comment as so she didn't post. Actually, Kiny posts every Friday.)

Those two again are returning items. 1 Member and 1 non, still fair. :D

Well, I wasn't here last year when it was the Night Of The Phantoms.
Long story....
I joined AJ at 1st March of 2012 and played for a few weeks. Then my computer wasn't working well and some viruses attacked. I though those viruses were from AJ and I didn't log in anymore. Soon, my laptop was dead and I bought and new computer. Then, from January 2013, I went on AJ once again. I saw there was no virus and then I started to play AJ again.  

Oh and the haunted mansion Party, I almost forgot it. I never actually visited it. It comes on the Party list twice a day.

Credit to the Animal Jam Roar for the screenshot.
 All the den items for sale in the Party.

Credit to the Animal Jam Roar once again for the screenshot.
And all the clothing items for sale in the Party. 
As far as I remember, I think the Medusa Mask was for sale in the New Year's Party.
(JPG is way better than PNG, so I'll be taking snaps in JPG from now on. :P)

Oh and remember the place in the Adventures, it was gone when the Adventure Base Camp was updated. And now, it has returned once again! :D

It's near the Hive adventure.

I can't really write letters using the mouse. >.<

Oh, and have you seen the weird glitch happening with the Servers? Or is it happening only to me? O.O

All the servers are Aldan and Chimbu. Weird, right? 

P.S what do you think of the blog's new spooky look?
If anythings not right with it, feel free to tell me. I will change it for you. :D

That's all for today!
Play wild!

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