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Monday, October 28, 2013

Rare Scary Bracelets

Meow jammers!
Nu, I have decided I'm staying. Nu quit. :D
Sorry for this terrible late post, I went to my singing school and I was studying earlier. >.<
Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare "Scary" Elf Bracelets at Jam Mart Clothing shop.

I like this item.
Btw, I just noticed Elf Bracelets are not on sale anymore? O.O
Are they beta or what?

And also, I've found out where to get the candies. >.o (That face is a winkin' one made by me.)

In Jamaa Township.

In Coral Canyons

In Crystal Sands.

In Mt. Shiveer.

In Sarepia Forest.

In Kimbara Outback.

In Apondale.

In Temple Of Zios.

Also figured the game invite thingy. ^.^

Click the Game Sign.

Choose your Game.

Then this appears.

You can cancel your game too! ^.^

Anyway, I have to go do some work.
Bye see ya.

Good Luck if you're entering.
It ends on the 20th Nov. Plenty of time. :)
Until then, play wild!

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