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Friday, October 25, 2013

News Crews - Diamonds! (by me)

Meow jammers!
So, finally I have found my lost article for the Diamonds News Crews.
Here it is. ^.^

The Arctic Wolf is FatHusky and the Weird Wolf is me. >.<

Diamonds are the newest currency in Jamaa. They are a great way to buy exclusive and rare items, pets and animals. They can also be used to buy gems. You can get them from the Daily Spin. Members can get a diamond per week as a gift. The Diamond shop is located in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz.
People say the Diamonds and the Diamond Shop are great! 
Here is an interview from Mister Icyspirit:
I asked Mister "So are the Diamonds and the Diamond shop good?" He replied “It's so wonderful because, we can buy many cool stuff."
Another interview from Enternal Poshwolf:
I asked Enternal Poshwolf “What do you think about the diamonds?” Enternal Poshwolf replied “They are so cool. I really love the stuff for sale there.” 
Here is an interview from myself, Magical Glamstar:
 I think it’s very cool and very good items are for sale! So what are you waiting for, let’s save our Diamonds and buy! 
~Magical Glamstar


edwingrim2 said...

Cool! ^.^
I should do the news crew thingy sometime. I haven't yet. ;P

Cloudclaws said...

Im back from my break! ^.^
Did you win the news crew? your lucky! :D

Sweetpanda AJ said...

Welcome back. ^.^
Nuuuu. I'm never gonna win. I just tried. I actually edited this post. I had some "Spelling mistakes and left some words empty."

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