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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cheetahs in Jamaa!

Meow jammers!
Hello, again. Three days I haven't seen you all. I'm sweetpanda again. :P
So, I'm posting too early today. :P
Just as you log in, you see the Jamaa Journal appear.

As I've logged in too early, (It's 12:41 PM now) I haven't seen any new "items" come out. (I'll edit the post if something comes out :P)
But, I have seen a new "animal" come out.

Credit to Snowyclaw from the Animal Jam Spirit for the poll.
People who voted for the cheetah is correct! Congrats!
The newest animal is the Cheetahs sold for 10 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

People were saying it's cute. 
It isn't a single bit cute. 
It was very hard for me to sneak into the Diamond Shop, it is full in every server.
Luckily, I got in and I saw a Cheetah.

I am even more luckily to see a one with a party hat. XD
The cheetah was dancing, playing and hopping. 
When it's playing, it runs super fast and the party hat keeps on flying. XD
So the party hat has some special features with the Cheetah and ze Kangaroo. :))

That's a cheetah dancing. XD

Oh, and talking of dancing, playing, hopping and sleeping, the actions button has changed.

It did change? :3
A bit, maybe...

Also the outfitter's advertisement below the game has changed too.

This one's even better, I guess. :P
Those sidekix plushies are so cute.

And also some new updates with the Conversation Museum. 

A new video. 
Some items have shifted to the Conversation Museum. 

Some shifted and the animal plushies went away. ):

And at Kimbara Outback, there's another new update. :)

Okay, So there IS a new item and I am editing the post.

It is the returning Angry Jack-O'-Lantern sold at the Mystery Emporium shop.
I think it should have been for sale in the Jam Mart Furniture shop.
(Oh, and the World Animal Banners are on clearance)

And also with the new item, I am editing for the new jam-a-grams. :P

Wow. These new jam-a-grams are really cool. 
Which one is your favourite? 
Mine is ALLLLLLL. :P
Oh, and while sending a jam-a-gram to my buddy, I faced this weird glitch.

It wouldn't let me scroll down. >.<
I clicked one of my buddies then I got to get out of the glitch. XD

And lastly, here's all the pages in the Jamaa Journal.

(Oh and I was thinking of deleting the "What's New" page and put a "Trading" page instead? Will it be better?)

That's all. Bye!
Play wild!

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